How much does cost? is a video-based, online program designed to ENTERTAIN and EDUCATE kids from babies to grade 2. It includes fun and interactive games, videos, songs and activities to inspire kids to LEARN! You can print out worksheets and coloring pages for your kids to take the fun outside as well.

For all the exciting tools you can use on, a monthly subsciption is only $19.95/month.

Oops, did I mention that it also includes full access to FOUR other websites, providing you a complete system of learning from babies all the way to college!?

Along with SkWids, you also have full access to:

Advantage4Kids - an online educational resource for students from grade 2 to grade 6. Includes video tutors, games and puzzles, and many more.

Advantage4Teens - an online resource created to assist teenagers in various subjects such as Science, Math, Social Studies and many more. Each subject is broken down into different categories such as Trigonometry for Math and Economics for Social Studies.

Adv4Life - A website that contains information for teens and parents. It includes articles and videos about family, money management, teen life, and cooking.  

Advantage4Parents - an online website with articles and videos for toddler through teenage-related parenting topics. We cover topics such as potty training tips, handling siblings who squabble, helping your teenager land college scholarships and much more! Since parents also juggle money management, career change and marriage, we also have a special place on the site for “life” topics, too.

Hurry up and sign up and get in with the fun!

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